the start of the end / a year (2021)

By Léann Herlihy

With a desperate sense of urgency, Léann Herlihy writes a letter which contains no urgent matter. In a bid to touch an art community during a time where we have been starved of physicality, these words are available to read both online and in hand as physical letters can be posted to anyone living anywhere for free.

If you would like to receive or send a letter to an individual please email in:Action ( We advise you to get in touch soon as there are limited amounts of letters are available.


  1. A scan of a brown C5 envelope with a white rectangular label in the centre. The label has
    been printed with black typewriter font and is addressed to ‘anyone (who needs it)’ and to
    send to ‘anywhere’.
  2. A scan of a cream textured A4 page. The page has black typewriter font printed on it.

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