Guidelines for Proposals

in:Action welcomes submissions for writing about performance art through an ongoing open call.

Currently, there are three main categories for submissions:

  1. Witness: A response to a work of live art
  2. Practice: Insights about creating performance art from a practitioner’s perspective
  3. Curate: Reflections from organisers/curators of performance art events
  4. Interview: conversation with an artist or curator concerning performance practice

If you are interested in submitting to in:Action, please send ideas to

Guidelines for Posts

All posts are 500 to 1000 words and will be reviewed for grammar and clarity. Please send submissions in .docx format. Contributors are encouraged to submit images, which should be properly labeled with name of artist, title of work, date and location of performance, and name photographer. Appropriate permissions should be given for use of images from artist and photographer.